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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 12, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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finally, how about two toothbrushes? maybe that's the solution for this set of twins in tears. >> it's a battle between these twins over a toothbrush. one twin has a meltdown. but watch as her sister gets it
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back. a hissy fit ensues. our executive producer has twins. i wonder if that's ever happened to her. >> i bet it happens every day in her house. this is it for us. thank you so much for watching. >> we will see you right back here (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> the first game of the play offs for the 49ers who had the privilege of taking a bye week. and fans are showing their niner pride all over the bay area! we have team coverage on this nail biting match up packers. first we head out live to candle stick park that's where we find kron
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4's j-r stone who spent the day with fans? >> reporter: 38-24 right now in the fourth quarter. it is all energy. and these fans are wild! take a listen! they are yelling for the 49ers at candlestick park. as the fans are here in because we have to make money off of somebody. >> speaking of money, so were these >> this is natural! do you like this? >> yes. >> we are sisters. >> i did not get the message or the memo. >> these girls about her red
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hair. they have she's earings. >> does anything worry about you? >> everything worries me about everything. but we are good. we are faithful! >> most of these people were 49ers faithful. >> this is your first time here and you had to wear the tu tu .. and feeding the could will get you on >> it is this a lot like green bay? >> this is playoff food! you got a kick it up because it is playoff food. and it is playoff food. it just to
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give you an idea of the energy you are not supposed to cheer. however, some of these audible gasps that you could hear. and we must be in san francisco where it is all about the 49ers. reporting live, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> not everybody can get out to watch but they find plenty. felicia reid >> reporter: here, the tables were reserved well in advance. so those that were here early were disappointed to find out if there were thinking the same thing. celebrating the 49ers was a no brainer. even this, her
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earlier celebrations. take a look at that burger! >> ago 49ers. >> we are going to destroy green bay! >> we are going to win >> is it destiny. it is about college kaepernick. we're going to go to the super bowl and bring back that it championship. (cheers & applause) >> some are already looking forward to the championship.
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>> i feel like a jim harbaugh of motivates everyone. and i would love to see weather or not he can match x's and o's with >> and the fact is that they have >> i am guaranteeing it. and i am collecting on all my debts. >> kron 4. coming up later gary radnich will be with us in the studio. all the highlights from the big game. in other news, there have been four homicides in one night game! four homicides in one night. and, tonight. the oakland police department says it's agressively searching for the suspects responsible for yesterday's string of murders. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports. police are saying today that there are several groups involved.
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the oakland police department says the shootings are a result of several feuding groups. at this point, investigators are not calling those groups gangs. police say the violence amounts to retaliatory attacks. and, that they are committing extra resources to track down the killers. the first shooting was reported around 2:30 p-m, when police found a man hit with multiple gunshot wounds near east 17th street and 23rd avenue. he was transported to the hospital but later died. then, at around three p-m. a man was found dead, also suffering from gunshots near canon ave and wellington st just after 4 p-m a shooting was reported at 34th near west st.. no victims were found, but later a man was admitted to a nearyby hospital where he died. and just after eight. police found a man dead suffering from gunshot wounds on hillside ave. near 94th street. there are no suspects in
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any of the four incidents. and no word on whether there is any possible connection between the cases. police say they will give updates on the investigations when possible. but they also say some information will be withheld. to ensure their investigations are not comprimised. philippe djegal, kron four news. we're just learning that three of the victims names have been released. they are 30-year-old larry lovette of stockton. 21-year-old eddiebo rodriguez of oakland and 17- oakland. the fourth victim is a 22 year old man. his name is being withheld pending notification of relatives. as we head to weather. we take a live look outside at our mount tam camera. it looks. clear butit's been pretty chilly brian. are temperatures set to drop any lower? >> they are going to get a lot lower. even the low 20s for tonight. there is a freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow. it is already pretty chilly with temperatures in the 30's. fairfield, 38 degrees. as i mentioned for tonight there
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is a freeze warning in effect. the live look from the bay bridge and as if these clouds clear a freeze warnings. the east bay, the south bay, could see freezing temperatures. lasting for several hours. that could cause problems with cold temperatures even by the bay. we could see temperatures get at or below freezing. the futurecast notice by midnight a lot of these temperatures in the 30's. as we go for the morning getting closer to sunrise is one will see the coldest readings. twenties in the east bay, the north bay 30's by the bay. santa rosa, forecasting into the mid-20s with temperatures below freezing for san jose. what would an expert for
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tomorrow, coming off. >> coming up - >> a rush to buy ammunition was the theme today at the crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace. the gun show runs through tomorrow and as kron 4's mike pelton shows usfear of potential new gun laws is driving record turnout. >> there are packing these people >> it is jammed. >> busier than i've ever seen it is packed. >> along the lines, long waits to buy ammunition. the demand is so high they could have run out. >> people are stocking up. just like it was the mayan calendar... organizers say
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that this should not come as a surprise. >> bob templeton runs this and he says that this tops it all. there is a growing fear that it could tighten sales of ammunition. >> we have never had a crowd like this. that concern has people spending a lot of money. >> $1,200. and it is well worth it. coming up, the search is on for a bay area suspect accused of sexual battery against a 12 year- old the latest health officials update on the flu epidemic.
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the search is on for a bay area suspect accused of sexual battery against a 12 year old. plus. the latest update from health officials as the flu outbreak strikes our nation! police in santa cruz are on the look out for a suspect that they say grabbed a twelve-year-old girl on the buttcocks. the girl was walking home from school on walnut avenue near spruce when a suspect approached her from behind and grabbed her. the suspect then left the scene. he was seen for a second time just after the incident take a picture of him as he left the area. he is described as a hispanic male. 21-to-28 years old. around six feet tall. and 250-to-280 pounds. he was last seen wearing a brown t-shirt. black dickie style pants. and wire rimmed glasses. >> earlier today a memorial was held at casa grande high school in petaluma for alyssa byrne. the teen who went missing back on new years eve near lake tahoe. kron four's jeff pierce was in attendence >> alyssa had so many friends, i really want to emphasize the so many part, because well just look around. >> reporter: hundreds of friends, family and classmates of alyssa byrne came together at the high school she graduated from
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for a memorial service saturday. in a ceremony that was emblematic of the close knit twon that petaluma is, they remembered alyssa who was reported missing on new years eve after attending a concert at lake tahoe. >> my biggest fear today was that we were going to show up and there was going to be twenty kids. >> reporter: tears and hugs were the hallmark of an event that paid tribute to the nineteen year old alyssa. those who attended the event sere encouraged to wear pink. >> she told me one time she wanted her funeral to be a party with all her favorite things so with all of this pink it's absolutely amazing. >> reporter: the preliminary investigation into her death has lead investigators to believe alyssa made a fateful decsision to walk alone bacikto the hotel where she was staying with friends. a decision that
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became a hard learned lesson for friends and classmates who honored her with a pledge. >> in honor of ayssa marie byrne always in our hearts never forgotten, rest in paradise. so i'd like everyone to raise your right hand and repeat after me. i promise to never let myself or anyone else leave in an unfamiliar place without a buddy system. >> i hate the fact that they're learning something out of this tragedy, i wish we could have taught it to them before this but we want them to walk away from this learning they are there for each other. >> there is nineteen balloons here her favorite color pink. (amazing grace song) >> reporter: in petaluma jeff pierce kron four news. >> the latest update the flu outbreak has been released from the center for disease
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control. for more on the latest findings we send it to shelby lin. in northern california. health officals are warning of spot shortages of the flu vaccine. officials from kaiser permanente say, the high demand is causing a shortage of vaccines at its pharmacies. >> i did not want her to rest getting her sec. however officials say, reserve vaccines are being shipped out immediatley. to meet those high demands. so if you haven't already. >> hundreds of millions of doses are given we know about the safety of these
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vaccines and these are very safe. >> go get your flu shot. but call ahead to make sure your local pharmacy is stocked! they have seen dropoff states and southeastern states, georgia, florida. and from 29 states, the previous week week. >> the northern california it saying that there could be spotty shortages at the kaiser permanente a is highs heightened demand but reserved amounts will be sent out make sure that you get out and get your foot shot. >> temperatures in the 40's and '50's. with this arctic air mass cold. it is already
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cold. 40 degrees in several areas. mid 30's and the temperatures continued to plummet for tonight. the coldest places well below freezing. for tomorrow, lots of sunshine but because we have this arctic air mass and we're starting off so cool. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. we will see some warmer conditions next week. there are high clouds streaming over the bay area. and they could clear out in a few hours with clear skies. that is a set up for cold temperatures. notice it is coming from the north. it is coming straight down from the yukon territory where it is really cold. not quite getting the wind of the
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ocean. really chilly temperatures at night mid- 20s. all the way to 23 degrees in napa. pleasanton, concord, 27 degrees and even in the south bay. sunnyvale, fremont, is below freezing. a look for mid upper 30's by the bay. it is going to be cold. and cold. highs in the upper 40's and 50's. we will see 49 degrees for concord, danville. 50 in walnut creek. san francisco, 50 degrees. look for low 50s and here is a look ahead. the next several nights. his shaping up to be even colder. notice the daytime temperatures. by tuesday and wednesday, a highs will returning to the low mid- 60s.
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>> take a look of these pilots problems more after the break
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>> take a look of this. a total of six flights were canceled on friday in parts of wisconsin while others were delayed. the west coast in time for kick off, some passengers half hour bus ride to chicago and fly out from there. green bay packers. one northern calfornia plane suffers a rough landing! take a look and see if you can spot the trouble the >> coming up this man kits a parking ticket on purpose and goes to court to fight it
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.this man standing here is johnathan frieman and he is about to enter into courtroom n located in marin county he is here because he is trying to fight a ticket he got on purpose; yep he wanted to get a ticket. johnathan claims to have driven in the carpool lane illegally in marin and alameda counties close to get this nats: 25 times. you rode in the carpool lane 25 times johnathan's say's is he was not alone, you see according to johathan he had
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an invisible person in the front seat with him the invisible person was in the form of incoporation papers for his non profit organization i'm not making this up so the officer who stopped johnathan and who wrote the ticket got to tell his side of the story >> chp: he tried to explain that he was exempt from being in the carpool lane and that he was in essense a corporation >> however johnathan who appeared with his own attorney and yes a pr firm thought differently. >> both of those signs state quote carpool is two or more persons per vehicle close quote right? >> when you have a double meaning that's not adequate notice here the double meaning is whats a person is a peraon a nature person is a person a corperation is a person both. hey also argued that the statue for carpool lanes was uncostitutionally vague. so his ticket that he got on purpose should be dismissed so how did the judge rule,
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lets listen in >> judge: this novel argument i've certainly never seen this or done this for long time in several different venues but i never see this argument raised the judge quoted the vehicle code that carpooling was to relieve conjestion on california highways >> judge: i think a common sence approach to that is carrying a shief of paper on the passenger seat in no way releives traffic conjestion >> so in a nut shell >> i am going to find you guilty the fine is 489 dollars johnathan lost. but we will file a notice of appeal with in the next 30 days so will johnathan contuine to ride in the carpool with his invisible friend
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were delayed. in order to make it out to the west coast in time for kick off, some passengers decided to take a 3 and a half hour bus ride to chicago and fly out from there. the only plane on time was the charter flight for the green bay packers. one northern calfornia plane landing gear hadn't deployed. uninjured. the airport shut down for a short time while crews from the runway. but is has since reopened. the carpool lane 25 times
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com. those traveling in and out of the san francisco airport should prepare for delays over the weekend. we explain why it has nothing to do with theif you're flying in or out of s-f-o this weekend, you could experience some delays. and they have nothing to do with the explains. beginning friday at 10pm and running through monyday at 8am, sfo will close runway 28 left that's the one closest to us they'll be doing some federally mandated runway construction work since this runway will close, that means instead of landing 60 flights an hour, on two runways, they'll be landing 30 flights an hour sfo officials say that will mostly likely lead to delays and down the west coast especially during peek travel times and sunday morning night.. similar runway closures are scheduled for the next two weekends as well, and duringdan kerman kron 4 news. cyclist lance armstrong is expected to make a shocking announcement when he appears in an interview with oprah this coming week. nick valencia takes a look at what the possible admission of performance enhancing drugs use could mean for armstrong's career. >> "i've said it for seven years, i've said it for longer than seven years, i have never doped. i can say it again, but i've said it for seven years, it doesn't help." >> reporter: help may be something lance armstrong will need a lot of to redeem
8:34 pm
his reputation after the u- s-a today reports armstrong will quote, "admit to doping throughout his career." the newspaper does not name their source, but says its a person with knowledge of the situation. u-s-a today says the former seven-time tour de france champion's admission, which had been widely rumored for weeks, is expected to come in a monday interview with oprah winfrey that will be taped for air thursday. as for why he's doing this now? the journalist who broke the story says armstrong had no choice. >> "with all the evidence that's come out against him it's hard to deny it anymore. and he's making a calculated decision, for himself, personally, and it's also, i think, a business decision for him because it's affecting his charity, livestrong, all of him." armstrong has kept a low profile at his austin home since the u-s anti doping agency released thousands of pages of evidence of what it said was a sophisticated and brazen doping program.
8:35 pm
but it's armstrong's repeated denials over the years to protect his name that has angered so many, including former teammates found guilty of doping themselves >> "did you see lance armstrong using other performance enhancing drugs?" >> "at times, yeah, at different training camps." >> "he took what we all took. there's really no difference between lance armstrong and the say majority of us." >> reporter: the difference may be that few from his former entourage have fallen from grace as hard already without tens of millions of dollars in endorsements, late last year armstrong-- a cancer survivor-- was forced out from livestrong, the cancer charity he founded. and now, if he comes clean, armstrong could face some legal repercussions. in the interview with winfrey, armstrong is not expected to give great detail, but the confession could give him a shot at resuming his competitive racing career. >> "if he wanted to get his
8:36 pm
ban reduced, the rule book says no less than eight years. right now he's 41. so eight years from now he would be 49, and i don't know how interested he would be in competing at that age." >> cnn's calls to armstrong's attorneys for a response to the usa today report have gone unanswered. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> the gun debate is heating up in washington, and across the country. vice president biden met with groups all week-- from gun control advocates, to the n-r-a-- hoping to find a solution to the nation's gun violence problem. the issue isn't just dividing lawmakers. as athena jones tells us, religious groups are also at >> "you all know this is a complicated issue." >> reporter: gun control is front and center at the white house. and a matter of debate among christians. (church bells) >> "there is a fascinating religious divide on the issue of gun control." >> reporter: a survey by the public religion research institute- conducted before the newtown shooting- found six in ten catholics support
8:37 pm
stricter gun control laws, compared to about a third of white evangelical protestants and 42 percent of white mainline protestants. >> "it's just not about theology. it's also about culture and geography." >> reporter: the poll also found white evangelicals are the most likely to own guns. many live in southern and rural areas where guns are a way of life. so what does the bible say about weapons? >> "scripture teaches that christians are not to take weapons and avenge other people. however, there is an affirmation that government evil doers." >> reporter: with polls showing increased support for gun laws after newtown, could we see a shift among evangelicals? >> "it may be a tipping point where more folks in those communities realize that there are things we can do as a society to tamp down this kind of mass violence that doesn't require taking away everybody's guns." >> reporter: pastor daniel darling is calling on fellow evangelicals to support limits on high capacity magazines and assault weapons. >> "the scriptures call us
8:38 pm
to love our neighbors more than we love our guns." >> reporter: still- some conservative christians say the focus shouldn't be on guns but on the environment giving rise to this violence. >> "instead of having, as the n-r-a proposes, a policeman in every school, our policy should be focusing on getting a dad in every home.": >> "vice president biden said friday he's glad evangelical groups have participated in his gun policy task force meetings because, in the past, they have been quote, 'reluctant to engage' on the gun issue. athena jones, cnn, washington. >> >> this just in to the kron 4 news room this is over. 45-31. san francisco! gary radnich is here with all of your highlights. that is going to be coming up.
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>> it's the show where we were first introduced to the vcr and camcorder, remember those? can't live without? i went to the consumer electronics show in las vegas to find out. some 3,000 booths. more than 150,000 people. all flocking to the consumer electronics show to see what's hot for 2013. in tvs - it's all about 4k and ultra hd - offering awesome images four times regular hd. on monster screens with monster pricetags. there's big buzz around the super thin o-led - where colors pop off the screen. this room-sized 3-d dazzled the crowds, including me. smart is phones and tablets. smart cameras that act like phones. and even smart refrigerators that let you know what to buy at the supermarket. and in your fridge and your
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car - you can even listen to your pandora music. which is music to the bay area company's ears. another bay area company seeing a bright future - go pro, the go anywhere action camera. brisbane's monster headphones brought out the headgear and the celebrities. and if you're worried about all the stuff you now can't live without.being ripped off. swann security will make sure that you get a high resolution image to help keep track of your investment in the not so distant future. >> the white house is refusing to follow through on a petition posted to their website that has gained the support of more than 34-thousand people. that petition is calling for the construction of the death star. yes that's right. the death
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star from the star wars movies. since the idea received so many signatures the white house had to respond. and they did saying quote. "the administration does not support blowing up planets." end quote. the white house also added that the estimated 850- quadrillion-dollar price tag was a little too much. >> 40's and 50's, of warm weather coming up.
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>> i should say that brian van aiken ... will be coming up very soon with the weather. let me show you at
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candlestick park. you had to practically no somebody to get a ticket. kaepernick. and this race with an injury he was and there in even vicki. the first pass. am i thought they were going to mall them. >> it was in the tougher 40's. attempts, 7-nothing, green bay. but then it was all about kaepernick. he came right back i think that is the greatness of the sky. and how about the sean harris. selling cars and now, 14-7. here is to jerry ross. the rookie. 70-33,
8:47 pm
there he is, all the way to crabtree. 17 -- 233. and the deb-to 33 careful james jones. 17- to 333 and kaepernick says i do not know i think that this could be just for the kaepernick but take a look, 56 yds. 183 yds. it the most ever game by a quarterback and anny. he used, could yet. here we go.
8:48 pm
119 yds. the most ever by a 49er team in the post season. and kaepernick, 446 yds. for touchdowns! it was one of those nights. seattle will be playing for atlanta. if the 49ers if atlanta wins tomorrow, there will code to in atlanta next sunday. if seattle has victory, seattle would be coming year. >> we like to show seattle a good timing. and sometimes people say that atlanta
8:49 pm
could be a bit weaker. however, remember about kaepernick. >> they said the packers were going to be something but one that this guy plays like that and once again everybody has opinions won a game is this a big. and my line was that if aaron rodgers. can come close and the 49ers will win. >> if kaepernick. among right, if kaepernick. and the reason why is because of the defense and that aaron rogers is so good. and he ended up out playing. >> right out of the top it looked like he was just caving. >> the interception and all of a sudden we can say that harbaugh is a genius. >> his legacy was on the line tonight. if he wanted to get overly dramatic. but
8:50 pm
if people would say that this guy is just better than alex. and also this other game. i must say this cork of what is the weather like the weatherredding. >> cold temperatures and northern california >> and this one is to see if >> is a cold all over? >> yes we're in the grips of arctic air all across the west coast. >> with the 49ers are hot. and that offsets the cold temperatures. >> some of the most warmer temperatures. this 49ers, here comes 1 peyton manning - his win streak 2 ray lewis trying to extend his 17 year hall of fame career one more game 3 3rd quarter/21-21 tie.5-
8:51 pm
foot-5 inch trindon holliday - takes 2nd half kickoff 4 yards deep in own end zone and races for 104 yard kickoff return for touchdown 28-21 den 4 4th quarter, 28-28 tiemanning finds demaryius thomas who makes the nice touchdown 35-28 den manning: 290 yards, 3 td's, 2 int's 5 denver up 35-28,:35 secs left joe flacco - makes the biggest throw of his careera 70 yard touchdown to jacoby jones to tie the game with:31 secs left 35-35 tie flacco: 331 yds, 3 td's, 0 int's overtime tied at 35-all 6 key play - manning throws across body and is intercepted by corey graham at the denver 45 with:51 secs left in first overtime 7 a few plays later ravens kicker justin tucker - boots it through from 47 yards out to win the game!!! 8 battered manningemotional
8:52 pm
ray lewis ravens upset broncos - snap >> i probably looked back at it and keep it a recap. after all of the emotions one of the best moment for the ravens. >> and your thought on the victory? >> i was pleased for ray lewis. >> it is nice when you have partied with three lewis. >> there is a whole list. >> what a day. the baltimore head coach is the older brother. and jim harbaugh. >> they are competitive with each other and understand. >> what a great day for football. >> and kaepernick. >> this is when you can sit on your rear end. >> are you a gambler? >> how much do you win tonight brian?
8:53 pm
>> 40 or 50. >> 505? a lot >> and brian? take it away. [laughter] >> let me tell you about the weather is cold! and look at city hall it is lit up for the 49ers. temperatures in the mid '40's. low 40's in pleasanton, walnut creek. and for tomorrow look for a very cold start with temperatures below freezing. and in the valleys, monday. a little bit more mild for the afternoon but still cold. in fact, temperatures are going to be called for the next several days. we will notice that temperatures are going to warm up with temperatures in the 60s. but a cold start in lake tahoe. 10 degrees below zero. a lot of
8:54 pm
sunshine and gusting winds. here in the bay area look for mid-20s. mid-20s in the east bay and a freeze warning in effect for than thlo 30' and even temperatures along the bay could be getting even below freezing. lots of sunshine but because we have this arctic air. upper 40's low 50s for the south bay. at the same story for the east ave. 40's and 50's near the bay. and 50s and the san bruno. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the big story is that there is no rainfall. even for next weekend. but some cold
8:55 pm
temperatures for tonight and tomorrow. some possible warming by wednesday and thursday. 60s we will be right back.
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>> i would like to say the weather helped defeat the packers. >> it was cold, for us. >> 40's. and san jose, 31 degrees. >> that will do it for us but brian and gary radnich and i will be back at 11:00 p.m.
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